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Lecture: “What makes Filipinos Filipino”
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At three p.m. on December 9th, Professor Felipe M. de Leon, an expert on culture and art in Philippines and Chairman of the Philippines National Culture and Art Committee (NCCA), delivered a lecture entitled "What makes Filipinos Filipino" in Nan’an building 301. The lecture was moderated by Professor Shi Xueqin. Before de Lyon’s lecture, Mr. Julius Caesar Aragon Flores, the Consul General of the Philippines Consulate in Xiamen, gave the audience an overview of NCCA and Philippine culture.

Professor de Lyon first explained the definition of culture and called Philippine culture a “healing” culture. In the first part of his lecture, he introduced three levels of culture, which is how culture evolved from concept to specific content. In the second part, he introduced five types of culture, which was the culture of power, the culture of wealth, the shared culture, the culture of simple need and the culture of the nation, among which the national culture was the core of the five cultures. In the last part, Professor de Lyon talked about cultural identity and displayed some case studies. He then introduced the cultural integration of Philippines. During the introduction of cultural integration, Professor de Leon presented several prominent features of the Filipinos culture by displaying paintings and explaining the ideas reflected in them. When talking about the fact that the Filipinos enjoy sharing, professor showed that the shared culture was widely found in Philippine culture through various phenomena in the Filipinos’ ancient and modern life. Then, he introduced Filipino’s love for diversity. From mall building to furniture, Professor de Lyon demonstrated the diversity of Philippine culture with examples. Through a number of data, he also demonstrated the emotional side of Filipinos and its positive influence on Philippine culture. In the end, Professor de Lyon talked about how Filipino personality constituted part of the “healing” culture of Philippines.

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