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Lecture: “Reflection on Marine Security” by Dr. Christian Bueger from Cardiff University”
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In the afternoon of November 10, 2016, Dr. Christian Bueger, Director of the International Liaison Group against Somali Pirates and Associate Professor of Political and International Relations at Cardiff University, was invited to Research School for Southeast Asian Studies (hereafter “the School”) of Xiamen University, and delivered a speech to the faculty and students of the School in 301 (3) Conference Room.

Under the changing international situation, what security measures should be taken to safeguard the ocean as a key link in the world? As a world famous marine safety expert, Dr. Bueger has rich experience in marine safety practice. From his own point of view, he elaborated on the status and measures of the main bodies of governments, navy and international organizations in marine security.

According to Dr. Bueger, the important change of the government's policy on marine management was to attach more importance to the priority of marine security than before. Although Alfred Thayer Mahan, the founder of the theory of sea power, pointed out the importance of maritime rights to sovereign states at the end of the nineteenth century, after the end of cold war, especially since the Twenty-First century, this kind of importance to marine security has been unprecedentedly attached. But the result of competition brought about by geopolitics was not chaos and disorder. On the contrary, it was a new form of order. Although the new order was influenced and threatened by anarchism, terrorism and other factors, the government, navy and international organizations still maintained a new order of marine security through various measures, such as United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, and peace maintenance by the navy, etc.

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