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The Fourth Youth Forum on History of International Relations held at Xiamen University
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On 27-29 October 2017, the “Fourth Youth Forum on History of International Relations” was held in the Research School for Southeast Asian Studies of Xiamen University. The Forum was hosted by College of History of Capital Normal University, undertaken by Research School for Southeast Asian Studies/School of International Relations of Xiamen University and the Editorial Department of World History. Experts and scholars from Peking University, Nanjing University, Jilin University, Nankai University, East China Normal University, Taiwan, France and other institutions of higher learning and research institutions attended the forum. The participants were mainly young teachers and doctoral students. After being reviewed, a total of 36 papers were chosen and presented at the meeting.

Six panels of experts convened to explore the topics such as “Regionalism and Order of Southeast Asia”, “Problems of Overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia”, “U.S. and Southeast Asia”, “China and Southeast Asia”, “Southeast Asia Maritime Politics” and “Japan and Southeast Asia, East Asia”, etc.

Professor Zhou Guiyin from University of International Relations in Nanjing, Professor Zheng Xianwu from Nanjing University, Professor Dai Chaowu from East China Normal University, Professor Yao Baihui from Capital Normal University, Professor Sun Jiandang from Fujian Normal University, Associate Professor Chen Wenshou from Huaqiao University, Associate Professor Sun Liping from Jilin University, Jiao Bing, editor of History Research, Ning fan, editor of World History, and Li Yiping, Fan Hongwei and Feng Lijun from Research School for Southeast Asian Studies, Xiamen University spoke at the forum. Writing is at the very heart of academic life. In addition to the review of the research content, they put forward a lot of useful guidance and helpful tips on how to develop and enhance academic writing skills and style and reasoning including a formal tone, precise word choice, multiple sources and clear focus on the issue or topic under investigation.

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