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The Graduate Program Assessment Structure
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1)      The program will be assessed according to the following structure:

l  1) Taught course elements: all courses must be passed at 60 or above.

l  2) Dissertation: The dissertation can be written in Chinese or English. Both need Chinese and English abstract.

Assessment of individual taught elements will be based on written examination or assessed coursework, according to the requirements of the taught element concerned. For example, where taught courses are assessed through two pieces of work: two essays or one exam and one essay, the two marks are averaged for an overall grade or where the two components are weighted, an overall mark is calculated taking into account the weighting for each component.

    2)      Masters: Our department encourages students to do research positively, but academic paper isn’t compulsory when applying for degree.

PhDs: PhDs should publish at least 2 academic research papers, which are more than 3000 words respectively. Moreover, graduates should be the lead author of them and Xiamen University should be located as the first sign unit. While, if the supervisor is the first author and the graduate is the second, this paper is also approved. And, the related textbook (more than 50,000 words) or the related monograph (more than 30,000) words can also be considered as one academic research paper. Concerning the qualification of journal, both of CSSCI national journals and any international journal are accepted. Specifically, in terms of national journal, a publication on SCIEI SSC can be considered as two CSSCI paper. For international journal, ISSN number will be required



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