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My name is Marsela Musabelliu, I'm an Albanian citizen and I have the outstanding pleasure of studying in the Research School of Southeast Asian Studies in Xiamen University. In 2013, I was enrolled in the Master's Program of this School in order to obtain my Degree in International Relations, and since the very beginning, I felt that my stay in Xiamen University would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. While attending the impressive classes and widening my academic knowledge on IR, I also had the chance to appreciate and become fascinated with the Chinese culture and lifestyle. I have always been curious and interested in ancient and modern Chinese history, but with my stay in XiaDa, I had the amazing chance of experiencing the China of today, with it’s welcoming and friendly people, the picturesque city of Xiamen, the delicious Fujian food, and the astonishing cultural heritage.
But above all, what I cherish the most is the knowledge given to me from my Chinese professors in the Research School of Southeast Asian Studies!Throughout my classes I had the chance to realize and study the International Relations discipline in a very logical, analytical, and refreshing perspective.
I so much enjoyed and appreciated my Master studies in XiaDa that I decided to apply for a PhD at the same school. And with the support of the Chinese Scholarship Council, I'm now here as PhD candidate, working with a remarkable supervising professor who helps me constantly to achieve my doctoral degree.

JHINO ILANO from the Philippines


.The school has opened my mind to the different realities of the world economy. Thus giving us an edge in looking at events and phenomenon that surrounds the world today. Definitely a world-class experience being at this school!



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