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The Siam Society under Royal Patronage was founded in 1904 in cooperation with Thai and foreign scholars to promote knowledge of Thailand and its surrounding region.

The Society premises on Asoke Montri Road in Bangkok house a library that has a unique collection including manuscripts and rare books. The Kamthieng House, a precious example of northern Thai architecture, houses a folk museum. Study trips are made to historical sites, cultural events, and nature sites in all corners of Thailand and overseas. Lectures are organized several times a month on a wide range of topics. The Journal of the Siam Society and the Natural History Bulletin are published annually and distributed free to members. The Society also publishes scholarly books; stages performances of music, dance, and drama; hosts exhibitions and conferences; and is involved in projects of cultural preservation.

Today, the Siam Society has a membership drawn from a broad spectrum of Thais and foreigners, and continues to operate as a non-profit organization dedicated to its founding cause.

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:-- We are pleased to announce that the December 2012 issue of the Natural History Bulletin (NHBSS) is now available online. Have a look now>>>

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:-- The Siam Society’s Polo Shirts for KAMTHIENG HOUSE MUSEUM More>>>


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27 March 2013 (Wednesday) 7.00 p.m. The Siam Society under the Royal Patronage and Silpakorn Summer Music School present Mozart More>>>

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LECTURES (all lectures are in English unless otherwise stated)

26 March 2013 (Tuesday) 7.30 p.m.
Protecting Siam’s heritage. A talk by Piriya Krairiksh. on the launch of the centenary issue of the Journal of the Siam Society. The former President of the Siam Society and Thailand’s leading art historian traces the history of conservation in Siam, beginning from the traditional concept of “renovation,” through the enthusiasm of the Fine Arts Department for reconstructing buildings from imagination, to today’s battles over the Supreme Court, the Chao Phraya waterfront, and the fate of the inner city’s oldest communities. More>>>

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3 – 10 April 2013
A cultural trip to Uzbekistan
Leader: Khun Eileen Deeley, Head of Music and Special Events, The Siam Society

Bound by sand and snow, fed by meltwater from the Roof of the World, the fertile oases across Uzbekistan attracted the greatest travellers and conquerors in history along the fragile threads of the Silk Road.  From the West came Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan erupted from the East, while Tamerlane made his home the heartland of Central Asia, the remarkable historical and architectural legacy inherited by modern-day Uzbekistan. More>>>

6 - 14 April 2013
Trekking in the Langtang Valley, Nepal
Leader: Mr. Peter Laverick
, Council Member of the Siam Society
The Langtang Valley is situated directly north of Kathmandu in the Central Himalayan region and it is in the Langtang National Park which covers an area of 1,710 square kilometres. The highlights of this park are the Langtang mountain range in the north and several lakes in the south. More>>>

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