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Malaysia hunts Filipino gunmen
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A Filipino Muslim woman is one of about 40 who rallied at the Malaysian Embassy in Makati City on Tuesday to protest air strikes and mortar attacks on nearly 200 Filipino followers of Sulu Sultan Jamalul Kiram III in Sabah.…




Malaysia hunts


Filipino gunmen

Malaysian forces searched house-to-house Wednesday after armed Filipinos apparently escaped a military assault, as a Philippine Moro group warned more fighters had arrived. 6 hours ago

Filipino killed in fresh

Malaysian assault – report

One of the Filipino gunmen in Sabah was reportedly killed in an encounter Wednesday morning as Malaysian security forces continued their operations against the group.

13 bodies of alleged Filipino gunmen found in Sabah – Malaysian media10 mins elapsed

Peso rises on growth of US services14 mins elapsed

Soviet soldier missing since 1980 ‘found in Afghanistan’22 mins elapsed

Armed Filipinos in Sabah masquerading as locals – Malaysian police29 mins elapsed

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