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'ASEAN Culture & Tourism Fair 2012'
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'ASEAN Culture & Tourism Fair 2012'
Feel, Savor, and Experience the diverse ASEAN Cultures in June

Seoul, 21 May 2012

The ASEAN-Korea Centre is organizing the fourth annual 'ASEAN Culture and Tourism Fair 2012' in both Seoul and Yeosu from June 6-10 to further raise public awareness of diverse cultures and tourism resources of ASEAN in Korea. The exciting Cultural Fair will offer visitors a chance to experience a variety of cultural programs and performances – including diverse traditional dances, folk songs, and instrumental music showcased by more than 70 member cultural troupes invited from 10 ASEAN Member States.

This year, from Thailand's Baisri Sawan Dance to Malaysia's traditional musical instruments, the Fair will present a wide array of traditional arts performances. From June 9-10 (Sat-Sun) at D-Cube park in D-Cube City (Shindorim Subway Station, Seoul), visitors to the Fair will be able to taste and enjoy Southeast Asian food and drinks – including ASEAN coffee – at the ASEAN Kitchen. Additionally, National Tourism Organization (NTO) booths of 10 ASEAN Member States will be set up where visitors can receive useful information on tourism resources regarding each ASEAN country. Other cultural activities will be organized, including ASEAN flag face-painting for kids. And the tourism information and promotion materials regarding the ten ASEAN Member States will be distributed to the public.

In addition to the Fair's Main Event, special traditional cultural performances of ten ASEAN Member States will also be held at Yeosu Expo Hall, in conjunction with the International Exposition Yeosu Korea on June 6 (Wed). The ASEAN-Korea Centre hopes that the Fair will shed new light on the quintessential part of ASEAN's diverse cultures for the general public in Korea.

Encl.: Details of Performing Groups & Photos

The ASEAN-Korea Centre is an intergovernmental organization aiming to increase trade volume, accelerate investment flow, invigorate tourism and enrich cultural exchanges between the ASEAN Member States and the ROK.


[Details of Cultural Performances]

  Country Photo Performing Group Performance Details
1 Brunei Darussalam

Irama Bahtera Irama Bahtera presents a variety of folk dances that portray the beauty of nature and the life of Bruneians.
2 Cambodia

Khmer Artist Association Traditional Cambodian dances including Peacock of Pailin dance performed by renowned Khmer Artist Association.
3 Indonesia

Ayodya Pala Ayodya Pala features various regional folk dances from Indonesia with colorful costumes and assorted props.
4 Lao PDR

National Art Troupe National Art Troupe presents musical and dance performances of various Laotian provinces.
5 Malaysia

Mal Dancer Mal Dancer features Malaysia's rich culture through the traditional music instruments.
6 Myanmar

Myanmar's Authenticity Traditional dances including Duet dance of marionettes by Myanmar's Authenticity.
7 Philippines

Liceo Folkloric
Dance Troupe
Liceo Folkloric Dance Troupe presents traditional dances of Mindanao, the largest group of islands in the Philippines.
8 Singapore

Little Red Dot Little Red Dot showcases a unique Singaporean dance that combines traditional and multicultural modern dance.
9 Thailand

Ploy Pailin Dance Troop Ploy Pailin Dance Troop uses unique dance moves to feature a variety of regional folk dances of Thailand.
10 Vietnam

Ensemble Art Viet
Au Co
Ensemble Art Viet Au Co features Quanho (UNESCO World Intangible Cultural Heritage) and other regional folk dances and traditional musical instruments of Viet Nam.



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