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The Australian National University
Centre for the Study of the Chinese Southern Diaspora

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  • Publication announcement.
    The CSCSD announces the publication of its second Occasional Paper, "
    Identifying Hokkien (and Other) Merchants in VOC-Ruled Batavia: Data from the Ci Ji Stele (1697) and the Financial Records of the Amfioen Sociëteit, 1745-1785", by George Bryan Souza and Geoffrey Wade. The paper is a unique historical resource that identifies and tabulates data on 119 individual Chinese present on Java in 1697 and on more than 900 Chinese and other merchants who bought opium on credit from the Dutch East India Company's specialist Opium Society in the mid-eighteenth century.
  • Call for submissions CSDS Volume 5, 2011: Ethnography of the Chinese Southern Diaspora
    Chinese Southern Diaspora Studies invites established scholars and senior graduate students in the fields of anthropology and ethnography who are working on any aspect of Chinese diasporic influence or experience in the Nanyang or Australasia to submit original research articles (6000-15000 words) or short research notes/data papers (up to 5000 words) for its 2011 issue. Original research articles should arrive no later than 15 April 2011, to allow adequate time for refereeing and revision. Articles in English should be sent to Nola Cooke (
    ola.cooke@anu.edu.au) and in Chinese to Li Tana (tana.li@anu.edu.au). Data papers, research notes, or translations (which do not require external assessment) will be accepted by either editor until late August 2011, for publication by December 2011.

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Welcome to CSCSD

The Centre for the Study of the Chinese Southern Diaspora is the only centre in the southern hemisphere for research on people of Chinese descent in Southeast Asia and the Southwest Pacific. The Centre seeks to stimulate and encourage scholarship that reflects the diversity of and intercourse among areas, cultures and political economies in the region, and contributes critically to the field of knowledge.

At the top of our research agenda is a scholarship which looks beyond the stereotyped masks of "Chinese" and "Chineseness", and focuses instead on exploring the fluid and multifaceted nature of Chinese diaspora experience in Southeast Asia, its various interfaces with indigenous people and states, its multiple positions in economies, societies and politics, and its global positioning.

As a center based in Australia, we are inevitably interested in the studies of the Australian Chinese Community, particularly in the location of their history within the larger narrative of the Chinese southern diaspora. The conventional narrative on Chinese diaspora has been filtered, consciously or unconsciously, so as to conform to a common story that tells the tale of a unique "Chineseness" manifesting at different times and places. A regional and geographical approach is one way to liberate the study of overseas Chinese from its nationalist straight jacket and to challenge the invented tradition of a unified essence of Chinese.

We see the CSCSD as a natural and logical venue to venture into this scholarship. The Centre hopes to add its Australian voice to the growing critique of this dominant scholarship,and to contribute to this important new current in studies of Chinese people outside China.



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