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Distinguished Professor: David I. Steinberg gave a lecture
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TopicU.S. Policy Toward Myanmar and the Role of Aung San Suu Kyi

Reporter:  Distinguished Professor: David I. Steinberg

School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University,U.S.

Date June 29, 2010(Tuesday)

Time PM. 300

Place:Songen Building Room 514


Faculty of International Affairs & Research School of Southeast Asian Studies, Xiamen University








Brief introduction of David I. Steinberg


    David I. Steinberg is Distinguished Professor of  School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University. He was previously  Representative of The Asia Foundation in Korea; Distinguished Professor of Korea Studies, Georgetown University; and formerly President of the Mansfield Center for Pacific Affairs.  Earlier, as a member of the Senior Foreign Service, Agency for International Development [USAID], Department of State, he worked extensively on development in Asia and the Middle East.  He was Director for Technical Assistance for Asia and the Middle East; Director for Philippines, Thailand, and Burma Affairs; and spent three years in Thailand with the Regional Development Office.  He wrote extensively reviewing and evaluating previous AID programs while in AID’s Center for Development Information and Evaluation. 

   In addition to lecturing extensively at many universities and teaching at the Foreign Service Institute, where he was co-director of the Korea Area Studies program, Mr. Steinberg is the author of fourteen books and monographs including one translation, and over one hundred articles; most have been on political economies and development, but he has also published on social and cultural subjects.

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