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Ha Noi —The International Conference on Promoting Vietnamese Literature was a new start for those who want to research and understand the culture of Viet Nam, Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan said at the opening ceremony in Ha Noi yesterday.

"This is a good beginning for the introduction of valuable Vietnamese literature and culture to all continents," he said while welcoming domestic and international participants in the six-day conference.

Selecting the literary essence of a nation for translation contributes to strengthening world peace," Nhan said. "Good translation and promotion are decisive factors in introducing it to world readers. But translation is a very difficult and complicated work because it is both scientific and artistic. It needs both creative talents and love.

"Good translation of some Vietnamese literature now exist in many world languages. They include Truyen Kieu (The Tale of Kieu) by Nguyen Du and poems by Ho Xuan Huong and President Ho Chi Minh.

"Meanwhile, Vietnamese have also translated thousands of items of world literature, including many great works of mankind, into Vietnamese," said Nhan.

About 150 foreign writers, translators, distributors and publishers from around the world are attending the conference, which aims to help translators, researchers, and Vietnamese and foreign publishers understand more about the history, values and diverse character of Vietnamese literature.

It also aims to review the translation of Vietnamese literature by discussing ways to popularise Vietnamese literature.

However, while thousands of international literary works have been translated and published in Viet Nam, only 570 Vietnamese books have been translated into foreign languages, said Thinh, the organiser of the conference.

"This inequality should be resolved," he said. "Foreign books have been published in Viet Nam, even during war. That proves the desire for Vietnamese people to integrate into the world’s literature," he said.

Thinh was happy that Polish writer Andrzej Grabowski brought to the conference a book entitled Vietnamese Poetry between the 10th-19th Centuries in Polish.

"Vietnamese and Polish people share some common values. They are sensitive to nature and beauty, patriotism, devotion to family and respect for history and culture," he said.


Delegates will attend four key seminars on classical Vietnamese literature, modern Vietnamese prose, modern Vietnamese poetry and young Vietnamese writers.

After the 2002 translation conference, many countries, such as South Korea, the US and Sweden, promoted their literature in Viet Nam. The next conference will be held in five years’ time.

On its first day, the present conference heard more than 50 speeches and reports by foreign writers, translators and literature critics.

Among those attending was To Huy Rua, Politburo member, Secretary of the Party Central Committee and head of its Commission on Popularisation and Education.

Classic Vietnamese books will be on display at the National Library of Viet Nam. — VNS


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