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MALAYSIA: Adviser 'kissed reporter'
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'China Press' publishes report on incident when a former, noted education adviser sexually harassed a young, female reporter during an interview

The Straits Times
Thursday, January 22, 2009

KUALA LUMPUR --- Pictures of a noted Chinese educationist kissing the cheek of a young reporter were featured in a Chinese daily yesterday, a month after he quit his posts amid allegations of sexual harassment.

Other pictures published by the China Press show Mr Loot Ting Yee, 80, with his hands around two female reporters.

Mr Loot resigned from his posts last month after a different young reporter, on her blog, accused him of sexual harassment.

He was adviser to top Chinese education group Dong Jiao Zong and the Lim Lean Geok Foundation.

The latest incident revolves around an interview with Chinese magazine Feminine. The unnamed reporter and three of her colleagues went to Mr Loot's house earlier this month.

He appeared very warm towards the young reporter, repeatedly asking her to call him "Father" and making her sit next to him during the 45-minute interview, China Press reported.

When she started asking questions, Mr Loot hugged her and kissed her left cheek, the daily reported, adding that he then laughed out loud and said: "Good daughter, all of you are my good daughters."

Mr Loot was asked if he thought his late wife would be angry with his actions. His answer: "What do you think?"

He did not comment on the earlier complaints of sexual harassment during the interview. And just as it ended, he kissed the reporter again, China Press said.

The reporter later wrote in Feminine that the encounter left her shaken and she spent the following day crying at home.

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