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Malaysia: No plans for punitive laws
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'Islamic criminal laws for Muslims is not part our struggle. It is also not part of the coalition's plan to introduce it when we come to power,' Mr Tian Chua said. -- PHOTO: TNP
KUALA LUMPUR - THE political party of former Malaysian premier Anwar Ibrahim denied on Sunday it would push to impose strict Islamic laws, such as punishing theft by amputation, if they come to power.

Speculation has been rife about what Mr Anwar's party would do after a member of his opposition coalition said last week that Hudud - an area of Islamic criminal law covering punishments for certain deeds - would be instituted for Muslims in multi-ethnic Malaysia.

The speculation deepened because Mr Anwar has yet to respond to those comments, but a member of his Keadilan party said it had no plans for Hudud in the country.

'Our position is clear,' said Tian Chua, Keadilan's information chief, who said Mr Anwar was currently out of the country.

'Islamic criminal laws for Muslims is not part our struggle. It is also not part of the coalition's plan to introduce it when we come to power,' he said.

Muslim-majority Malaysia has traditionally been seen as moderate on such issues.

But race relations have been strained by a series of controversial court cases involving the rights of Muslims and non-Muslims, and questions over which group takes precedence.

Mr Anwar repeatedly said he had assembled enough votes to topple the government and seize power after elections in March saw the opposition alliance make significant gains, including winning one-third of parliament seats.

The mass defections from the ruling coalition that he envisioned have not materialised, however. -- AFP


MP retracts HIV remarks

KUALA LUMPUR - A SENIOR opposition politician withdrew his statement that people with HIV should be banned from marriage, after he was criticised by Aids activists, a report said on Sunday.

Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin, of the conservative Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS) and chief minister of the northern state of Perak, said people with HIV should be allowed to marry and have children.

Satellite to fight illegal logging

KUALA LUMPUR - MALAYSIA is zooming in on forests with a satellite in order to fight illegal logging which its government says is harming the major timber exporting country, a report said on Sunday.

Mr Darus Ahmad, deputy director-general with the Malaysian Remote Sensing Agency, said the 'eye in the sky' programme was put in place in October.

Bird flu found in Vietnam

HANOI - BIRD flu has resurfaced in poultry in northern Vietnam after many months without any cases, killing ducks and chickens at two farms, a state-run newspaper reported on Sunday.

Animal health officials confirmed on Saturday the H5N1 virus had killed several birds among a flock of more than 100 ducks in Thai Nguyen city, 80 km north of Hanoi, the Ho Chi Minh City Communist Youth league-run Tuoi Tre newspaper said.

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