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Our Beautiful Campus
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Da Nan Gate

The city Tree of Xiamen---- Phoenix Tree

   Frequently seen on streets and lanes, phoenix tre with bright red blossom highlights the passionate longing for life of Xiamen people. Therefore, it was selected the tree of city according with the wishes of the devoted and romantic citizens, who hope Xiamen will be full of passion like the fiery phoenix tree and attract the world's attention.


Qun Xian Buildings


Jian Nan Buildings


Jia Geng Buildings


The Night Scene of Jia Geng Buildings


Lu Xun Statue


A charming sight of seashore (1)


A charming sight of seashore (2)


Compared with the vigorousness of wintersweet, Bougain Villeasp, the official flower of Xiamen, shows more delicateness and charm. Blooming throughout the year, the brilliant flowers bursting in the shade of trees add much vitality to this graceful city surrounded by green mountains and blue sea. Xiamen--"International city in bloom", is as splendid, gentle and somewhat vigor as Bougain Villeasp, the triangular shaped plum blossom. 


The city Bird of Xiamen----The egret

   The egret, lovely elves hovering on the blue sea, is favored in Xiamen----"the city built on the sea and the sea hidden in the city." Egret Reserve was established for the bird of city to be flying leisurely and propagating among the blue sea, white sand, green waves and graceful island. As the city bird of Xiamen, rgrets symbolize the style and features of Xiamen---going all out to win success without the fear of difficulty.


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