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Fancy and beaded items like purses and handbags with tribal motifs?

You can find these lovely handicrafts in Banjarmasin, in South Kalimantan, Indonesia.


Banjarmasin is a small town that is not on the tourist map for it has little to offer the visitor except for some cottage industries which produce handicrafts like the colourful beadwork of the Dayak tribe that can be found at the markets in town.


The designs depict traditional Dayak houses, masks and geometric motifs.

They make lovely souvenirs and collectible especially since these painstakingly produced crafts are becoming scarce today.


They cost US$1-US$2 each, depending on the complexity of the design. 


Banjarmasin is also famous for its tie-and-dye fabric called kain sasirangan.


They come in bright colours and are good for casual wear or for beach wear.

The cotton and spun rayon ones are priced at US$8 and above.

The silk ones cost more.

How To Get There

Garuda Indonesia Airlines has twice daily flights from Jakarta to Banjarmasin.


You can take the first flight out to Banjarmasin at 6.30 am and return to Jakarta on the 6.40 pm flight. 

You can also take the morning flight back to the Indonesian capital the following day at 9.50 am.

 Where To Stay

If you wish to have an overnight stay in Banjarmasin, there is the Swiss-Belhotel Borneo which is the newest hotel in town.


It has clean rooms for US$28 inclusive of breakfast. But most of the rooms have no windows and the air-conditioning units are a little noisy.

This hotel is located beside a river, so it is convenient if you wish to take a boat ride from the hotel to visit the floating market at Pasar Kuin  to see hawkers selling their farm produce in their wooden boats at one of the many canals in town.

The boat ride to the floating market starts at 5 am – if the boatman turns up at the pier on time or at all.

It costs US$16 for the two-hour round trip and you have the boat to yourself.

There is also the Hotel Arum Kalimantan in the centre of town with rooms going for US$39 a night, including breakfast.

This is a much older hotel, so it is best to check out the rooms first before you check in.


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