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 : Bangkok

National Population

 : 61 million


 : Thai

Historic Ayuthaya is a short trip from Bangkok

Thailand offers many different landscapes and stylish resorts, a lively nightlife and a depth of culture and adventurous pursuits. This established tourists market is one of Asia's most popular destination.

The country has a breath of attractions for independent travellers or groups ranging from exotic markets, shopping and nightlife in Bangkok, trekking amongst hightribe people in the north, beautiful beaches and diving in the south and natural and archaeological attraction in the east. The many beautiful golden buddhist temples or wats dotting the landscape make essential visiting.

The finest architecture is found whithin the royal palace, Wat Arun on the banks of the Chao Pharaya river in Bangkok and at Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai. The remains of ancient cities are located at Ayutthaya, Sukhotai, Ban Chiang and Phimai. Thailand has many accesible national parks offering a variety of experiences including trekking, elephant riding, birdwatching, animal sighting and waterfalls.

Thai song, dance and music are intricate and graceful. There are over 36 museums which to see Thailand's treasures and antiquities.Traditional clothes and costumes are worn for ceremonial purposes although some hilltribe people still wear colourful traditional clothes all the time.

Football, golf and badminton are popular sports, with Thai kickboxing and takrao local favourites. Thailand has many challenging golf courses and golf resorts.

Thai food can be fiery, fragrant and flavoursome but always tasty.

Adventurous travellers can
see parts of Thailand on an

The country's popular festivals are mostly connected to Buddhism, such as: Visakha Puja (birth, enlightment and death of the Lord Buddha) and Ok Phansa (the end of Buddhist Lent). Songkran day (Thai New Year) and Loi Krathong are important and popular among Thai People and tourists also.

Holidays to pay respect to Their Majesties the King and Queen are equally important.

For more information, please visit www.tourismthailand.org or http://www.tat.or.th.



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